A.BELTRAN was founded in Athens in 1989. Its aim is introduction and development in the Greek market of the following products: HIGH TECH SECURITY SYSTEMS, TIME MANAGEMENT and ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS, PATROL SYSTEMS and TIME DISTRIBUTION. During the same year, the names CHRONOS and CHRONOCARTA, were used and safeguarded. The company has own offices .Permanent and experienced associates are employed, with the purpose to sell, install and maintain the uninterrupted operation of all installed systems.

A.BELTRAN company, pioneer and unique in the development of Time management and security systems, holds the first place in the Greek market with thousands of installations (customers). In collaboration with major Greek software companies, it has taken over and fully completed access control installations in the NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, PIRAEUS BANK, COSMOTE, ROLCO, etc.

Our experience, knowledge and specialization in security systems and the research of our executives as a result of our cooperation with customers has enabled us to develop specific skills concerning the products we install. Innovative solutions such as access with smart cards, proximity cards and biometrics (Face Detection, fingerprint, palm geometry, and infrared vein detector) have been first introduced and implemented by CHRONOS SECURITY SYSTEMS.

In a very simple way, through your computer or mobile phone, you can control any door or area and receive notifications anywhere in the world your installation might be located, who is authorized to enter and exit, whether it has been tampered with or has remained open. Following the technological novelties, our company adds new inovative products, such as video analysis with 3D VIDEO ANALYTICS (VA) technology. We have programs for counting people, behavioral recognition, facial recognition, recognition of lost & abandoned items, vehicle traffic analysis, vehicle counting, temperature measurement of machines. We also offer solutions for KEY MANAGEMENT and anti-theft smoke.

Our new products include: ANPR and PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS as well as detectors of explosives, drugs, metallic objects and food quality.

For HIGH TECH SECURITY SYSTEMS, we recommend RADAR for detection, identification and authentication. This reduces the cost of purchasing and operating video cameras in peripheral protection, sea and land borders, etc. Since a radar replaces many cameras and works under any circumstances (low visibility, smoke, mist, etc.). Our associates from the United States of America are RECOGNITION SYSTEMS INC., TEK Data Technologies Inc., BODET from France, SAHO CORPORATION., TMS, HUNDURE, MINDMAN from Taiwan, and CONTROLSOFT from the U.K.

In today's fast-changing reality where TIME IS MONEY, we can give you solutions in the ZERO TIME.